marketing video

If you are looking to present your company or sell a product, there are many ways to get your message across, yet by far the most powerful marketing tool is video. Using a combination of audio and visual can bring your presentation to life, which leaves a lasting impression to the viewer. Advances in digital technology have made it possible to produce stunning films for a fraction of the cost, and with special effects and high definition, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Video Production Houses

If you would like to create a video presentation to highlight your company and its products, there are specialist video production houses, such as BlackCel, who happen to be one of Dubai’s leading video production companies who can take your concept and transform it into a short film that best highlights your organisation.

The Concept

If you already have a clear idea of how you want the presentation to look, so much the better, yet many business owners have not given this much thought, and with a leading video production house, they have an in-house team of creative designers who can introduce some ideas, and once you find a concept that you are happy with, the project can begin.

marketing video

The Storyboard

This is a mock-up of the production and looks very much like a cartoon strip – with a series of images and text that describe the various stages of the production. Using the storyboard, the client has a clear picture of how the film will look, and after a few small changes, the project is ready for shooting.

Raw Footage

It might be that the footage will be shot on location, or perhaps in a studio, and with all the props and actors ready, the filming can begin. The director would know what angles they wish and with a number of cameras in the right locations, the director will have several different angles to choose from. Once the director feels there is adequate footage, the film is then sent to the video production department, where the product will be created.

Video Editing

Using powerful video editing software, such as Adobe Premier or Final Cut, the production team will build the film on a digital timeline. Audio and video tracks can be layered into the film, and with professional transitions and some special effects, the film will gradually take shape. When the film is finished, it would be exported into various formats, making it suitable for TV, video and also online viewing.

Marketing & Distribution

The production house would play a major role in the distribution of the finished product, and using their extensive connections in the advertising industry, you will receive maximum exposure. If you would like to explore the potential that video marketing can offer, an online search will bring up a list of local video production houses, and you can begin your quest for the perfect video that will put your message out in the strongest way possible.