If you are an entrepreneur and you have just launched your startup company, you know the importance of the digital marketing for the success and establishment of your company. In digital marketing, you have two options in front of you. The first one is the traditional marketing campaigns where you have to spend your budget based on the estimation of analytics, impressions received on your advertisements and clicks on them. There is no way for you to ensure that the clicks are certainly going to become a lead, a customer, and make a purchase. That is why many entrepreneurs are ditching this old marketing technique and buying performance marketing software to boost their sales and success to the next level.

Performance Marketing Ideal For Startups –

The performance marketing technique is tailor- made for startups. The established companies already have a wide customer base to cater to and they may stick to the traditional marketing technique because everyone recognizes them and sales figure increases automatically due to their brand value and product and service standard. But a startup is starting afresh with no background to help them increase their sales in a guaranteed way. That is where the performance marketing technique will help them immensely to boost their sales figure, earn more revenue, increase brand awareness and finally, establishing them in the specific niche comfortably.

Limited Budget – A startup is likely to have a limited budget as opposed to an established company who can allocate more and more budget in the marketing segments from their revenues. With a limited budget, it is important to use it effectively and not waste them on guesswork, estimations, and chances. Orangear makes sure that you pay only when a particular action is completed by the publishers and you do not pay any money unless the actions or the campaign goes as per the plan. For example, rather than hoping impressions and clicks turning into lead generation, you can assign your budget for publishers when they actually make a sale of your product. So, you are paying a commission after the sale is done and hence, your money is well utilized.

Brand Awareness – Making your targeted audience know your brand is important for a startup. Instead of you investing money to spread your brand on social media, website ads, and or search engines, it is the publishers who will do it for you as some of them might sell your product through their huge social media following, some might do it through their website and likewise. Along with the sale figure increasing, your brand awareness and value increase better than ever.