Insurance for PT

More and more people are flocking towards the whole training and fitness culture. In the fitness industry, various accidents may happen during a workout, and clients may sue the personal trainer for an injury or any damage to property. If you are a personal trainer, freelance or in a gym; you must have an Insurance for PT. It will cover all your claims if someone sues you for an injury or mishap. In the fitness industry, people often get injured, and most of the times, the trainer would be at the receiving end. So, they try to compensate from a personal trainer, and if the trainer doesn’t have the insurance policy, then the trainer would be in a financial bind.

The insurance policy is imperative in the fitness industry because the compensation fee is very high and it also includes the legal fee. An injury can happen for various reasons like negligence of client, not executing a workout accurately, not using equipment correctly.  However, if you have an insurance policy, it will cover all your maximum bills or claims. Fitness Gold is the largest company in the UK that provides an insurance policy to personal trainers. Their expert team will give you the right advice for choosing a fitness insurance policy tailored to your requirements.

Insurance for PT

Services of Fitness Gold:


  • Online application: If you need fitness insurance, then you can easily apply via an online platform. You have to fill out some necessary information about yourself and chose the insurance policy as per your requirements.
  • Covers activity: It covers all type of fitness activities, which is very beneficial for the fitness industry. Other insurance companies will not provide such a wide variety of cover in fitness.
  • Instant coverage: Whenever you take the policy, you are protected from any loss from the time of the purchase. In Fitness Gold, you don’t have to wait for a long time to know if you qualify for an insurance cover.

If you are thinking about taking an insurance policy, then you can easily contact Fitness Gold. It is a UK based company and has years of experience in both insurance and fitness industry. Their skilled staff has a vast knowledge of fitness and will create the plan of policy according to your requirements in the fitness industry. The Fitness Gold is the biggest platform to buy PT insurance UK at a reasonable price. Fitness Gold is the sub-brand of Salon Gold, so they have a sound knowledge of insurance. They are work to provide the best insurance policy in the fitness industry.