Click Torque Wrench

A click torque wrench is very commonly used to fasten nuts and bolts. You can preset the torque limit and once the limit is achieved, you will hear a click sound. The common type of this click torque wrench is a socket wrench. They are comparatively cheaper and are highly durable. The following is a guide on how to use a click torque wrench perfectly to get the job done smoothly. If you are going to buy a click torque wrench, it is better if you go through ToolsDuty buyer guide for better understanding and smart purchase.

socket wrench

Steps To Use A Click Torque Wrench

Step 1 – Finding the specification

Different types of nuts and bolts need different types of wrenches. Therefore, you have to find the specification of the bolt or the screw for a perfect fit. Furthermore, this ensures that the wrench is fully capable of tightening the screw to the correct limit. You can set the torque to correct settings with the roll dial present on the handle and also take care of the unit system. Most of the people do not set the unit system correct and hence, never get the desired torque. Before you buy any type of click torque wrench, you need to go through to purchase the wrench that can give you the value for your money.

Step 2 – Setting The Fastener

It is very important to thread the fastener correctly before you can use the torque wrench. Use your hand to make it settle perfectly but there is no need for getting hand tight. Then attach the socket to the torque wrench and only then you need to tighten the fastener.

Step 3- Tighten The Fastener

By now you have the wrench and the fastener in the correct setting. Now, you have to place the socket head on the fastener head and you need to know that at this stage you cannot use the wrench quickly as you will like to. The reason is that it is important to tighten the screw or bolt slowly.  The tighter the screw or bolt gets, the slower will be the turn of the wrench. Slowly pull it otherwise the wrench might click earlier than correct point due to the breaking of pivot point too quickly.

Step 4 – Time For Click

A click sound from the wrench signifies that you have reached the desired torque. This click sound is not very loud and something you may not hear it but just feel the vibration. This makes sure that the screw or bolt has been tightened and you need to pull out else you can over tighten and it could lead to problems. Just for information, the click occurs when the handle and the pivot point reach the breaking force.

Step 5 – Multiple Bolts

Sometimes, there can be multiple screws and bolts like when you bring two components together. In such a scenario, the sequence of tightening is very important. Follow the direction mentioned in the product’s manual but in general, a criss-cross pattern is mostly recommended. This prevents cracking or any damage.

Just in case you have over tightened, you need to unscrew and retighten again with correct tightness. Generally, when the desired torque is reached, the wrench becomes hard to turn.