3 Reasons You Should Use a Reliable Framing Hammer

Framing hammers are not your typical run in the mill hammers. Primarily manufactured for framing foundations, these hammers are also useful for extracting larger nails. If you are the type of woodworker who normally takes on heavy-duty work, then investing in a quality framing hammer is a smart move.

Meanwhile, if you are the type who takes on smaller projects at home, then what you need is the conventional hammer. The regular ones are more lightweight and suitable for minor home works. The best framing hammer is designed to deliver a solid drive and pull, thus fitting to use on large carpentry projects.

Before heading out the door to buy your new tool, read our list of 3 reasons to use a framing hammer:

best framing hammer

Gives you more force in each swing 

A typical framing hammer is approximately over two pounds, you can even find others heavier than this. In contrast, the conventional hammer only weighs about a pound. You may there’s not much difference, however, you are increasing weight and the power of your strikes.

To make it simple, the extra weight means more drive when you swing. Think of it this way, when using a regular hammer it may take you five to six times to drive in a nail. On one hand, when using a framer you may only need a double tap to fasten the nail securely. 

More resilient than the regular one 

Framing hammers are known for its longevity. Unlike the standard hammer that comes in with a metal top and wooden base, framers are made of solid steel. The most notable problem that you may encounter is the grip wearing down on you.

Having said that, you need to thoroughly consider what type of handle to choose. At the moment, the three prominent types are wood, fiberglass, and steel. While wood is great shock absorbers, however, it tends to break during prolonged use.

Incidentally, if you are looking for something durable, the steel handles are for you. In buying this type of handle, you can be sure it won’t fall out on you. Unfortunately, while the durability is guaranteed, however one setback of using it is that it vibrates each time you take a swing. Although you will find handles with rubber or poly grip, still it reverberates its way to your wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

Lastly, a fiberglass handle is in between steel and wood. It may be tougher than wood but it is not unbreakable like steel. If you are looking for something that is durable than wood and curbs shock at the least, you’ll find the fiberglass handle suitable for you. 

Reduces the risk of nail slipping off

Have you noticed the waffle-like face of framing hammers? Since these hammers are designed for heavy-duty use, the rough face minimizes the risk of nails slipping away. Other framing hammers even come with a magnetized head, intensely securing your nail in place.

Avoiding slipping nails is definitely worth the extra bucks. If you have massive projects at home like building a bookshelf, constructing a playground, or perhaps renovating your basement, this reliable tool is surely worth to add in your utility belt.