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If you are ready for the biggest investment in your life, you should carefully consider buying a condo unit. You already know the reality – the shrinking sizes and rising prices of condo units in Singapore. Despite this, it is still a highly sought after investment. Whether you want to upgrade to condo from starter home after the completion of MOP (Minimum Occupancy Period) or it is your first home, you should know how to choose right.

Here are some things that you should consider when buying a condo unit like Mayfair Modern Bukit Timah:

Condo type

The first thing that you have to consider is the condo unit type. The unit type will depend on the project developer. Check with the developer first what types of condo units they offer. Types include:
1. Studio units: this flat is small and is recommended for young couples and bachelors

starting out. There are no rooms on studio units although you can consider installing mini partitions.
2. Bedroom units: it will range from one bedroom up to five bedroom suits. This is perfect for small families or a multi-generation household.
3. Loft: this refers to the modern-type condo unit. This is popular because of its high ceiling and contemporary design.
4. Penthouse: this is considered luxury living. It refers to stand-alone units on the top floor having a dedicated service elevator. The area is comparable to landed properties, which makes it very expensive.
5. Dual key: this feature is unique to Singapore. For this type of condominium, it has two self-contained living spaces having two separate entrances.

Mayfair Modern Bukit Timah


Now that you identified the type you want, the next thing to consider is the view. Remember that the scenery of your unit will reflect on the beauty of the community or neighborhood. Most condo units offer breathtaking views in front of a park, river, beach, city skyline, and nature reserves. If you have a particular view in mind, you should choose a flat having that. You have to know though that better view means higher unit price.


Another important factor that you need to consider is the convenience of the condo unit. Convenience means checking the balance between the tenant population and the number of elevators present. You do not want to queue in the morning or late afternoon because of the rush. If the number of elevators seems not enough for you, it is better to opt for units on the first three floors so you can use the stairs if elevators are busy.

Building security

Security is very important in condos because everybody can easily go inside and out. Checking the building security is easy, you just need to read the security features offered by the developer. You need to ensure that there are 24/7 guards in the lobby. Aside from that, you should check if there are roving guards and surveillance cameras present. See if the unit has an individual unit locking system including alarms.

Condo features and amenities

Choosing condo units with the right features and amenities is easy because you only need to consider your lifestyle. Remember that not all condo units offer the same features and amenities.