ICO (initial coin offering) is this new way to define crowdfunding with the use of cryptocurrency. A couple of years ago people knew about cryptocurrency and shoved it aside because they taught that it’s going to bubble but as you see now it’s all over the place and there are already payment methods and trading that recognize it as a legitimate currency. Because of that rise of the cryptocurrency, many businesses as well made this as the backbone for their business and behind that are ICO rating companies.

Basically, ICO rating companies source the world wide web for any good investment and they plug it or list it, give it more visibility so that people are able to see such projects. It’s a unique way of crowdfunding. The best thing about these sites is that it fills the need of the crowdfunding spirit with a touch of cryptocurrency. So since technically you’re investing on startups, via  ICO, the question is, what are the benefits in investing on startups?

You get things on a cheaper price: If you get products from ICO, you get it cheap versus the actual price when they go live after. While people are always concerned about the long wait, but if the starter company is good on what they promised it’s worth it. Besides you get this bragging right that you were one of the early few is priceless. Nothing can beat that feeling.

You get to help: Back in the day, the only way to be successful is to have a backer like a shark that can help with the funds and help a company get traction. Now with crowdfunding like an ICO company are empowered and they don’t need to do get an investor because they got a community of investor and not to mention, profit from a product that is still going to launch. 


ICO rating is crucial: If you’re into an ICO, it’s not really something that a good ICO will come to you, you have to find them. ICO ratings provide this place where people can check out ICO companies that have a good sign of being successful. Basically, they do the hard work so that you don’t have to, all that’s left for you is to do invest and wait for your investment to mature.

Crowdfunding has been very popular these past few years since it creates an opportunity for a business to be successful even without a big investor. Instead, they get many people contributing to their product. Crowdfunding is not just about the business, it can be used for donations and so on. ICO (initial coin offering) provides this new crowdfunding option for the people that are into cryptocurrency. There is no secret that cryptocurrency has been very popular these past few years and one of the big reasons for that is because many businesses and individuals slowly realized that cryptocurrency will never bubble. If you’re interested in investing in you know it can be hard finding a good ICO. This is where ICO rating comes into the picture and there is no better company that does it than ICO pulse. Ico rating on the best ones in the market today, go check them out.