It is mandatory to register your company before starting the business aspects. In India, one cannot begin running the company before registering it. Only after the proper verification and the completion of it, can a company can begin its process. It is always an exciting feeling to start your own company. It takes a lot of courage and risk to venture into your own company as it also includes your hard earned money. In this modern digital world, there has been increasing in the number of registration of new companies across the nation.

Things to ensure before registering your company from a service provider

The task of new company registration should be done in a fast manner. The whole process usually should not take more than 10 days. It can take more time as well depending on the service provider’s efficiency.

You are starting your company after doing a lot of thought process and acquiring the savings and funds. It is vital for you not to do the unnecessary spending, especially while registering the company online. Only after thorough verification of the packages offered, should a service be availed.

It is of vital importance to make sure that there are no hidden charges in the package you are purchasing. There have been various instances where certain people have been duped into paying more money than intended and decided for the registration process.

Nowadays there is even facility available for online company registration mainly due to the advancement in the digital world. Now you can do the complete the whole process of registration, all while at the comfort of your home or office.

Security concerns should be taken into consideration as well because the data can get leaked if there are no necessary security measures in place. That should be checked as well.

Services offered in the registration process by the service providers

  • Your company name is reserved, and due to which, your company will have a unique identity, and you will have the preferred name of your company.
  • AOA & MOA.
  • TAN & PAN.
  • Company registration, GST registration, MSME registration, as well as Trademark Registration.
  • DIN for Directors
  • Digital signature for the Directors
  • You will be thoroughly guided in the process of opening a local bank account.
  • There are also certain packages which you can choose from which includes benefits like the inclusion of government fees, the inclusion of professional fees and moreover there are no hidden fees if you opt for the packages.
  • You will also be able to share certificates.

There is a requirement to submit certain documents for verifications, and that is mandatory. That process will also be guided by the service providers if you are opting that way.

In India, it is compulsory to register your company. It is advised that the help of a service provider should be availed only after proper verification and reading the testimonials and reviews online. Detailed research should also be done about the whole process and the documents required so that at the last moment, there are no issues and your company name is registered in a hassle-free manner.