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One can actually go with the fullerenes, some of the antioxidants, a huge number of photosensitizer products that can also be a great help with the drug delivery and diagnostic purposes. There is a use of the encapsulation as well as the micro-encapsulation with the cyclodextrins. The polyvinylpyrrolidone is also some of the popular chemicals. There are many others like the liposomes and the micelles. One can also get the particular solutions that can come in the form of the combination of the spectacular quality fullerenes with the lipid membranes that can be actually the best way to lead some of the interesting results. There is also an option to go with the lipid bilayers. They also come in the form of the mobile structures that are actually dynamically crafted as well as partially ordered. This is something that can actually fulfill the biopharmaceutical interest of the people. Besides, they are also used in an elegant manner as an installation over the BIOCOMPATIBLE SURFACES THAT CAN BE ACTUALLY A SCOPE FOR THE CONTROLLED RELEASE.

Other marvelous ideas with the solution

There is also another marvelous idea pertaining to the suspension that can come in the association with the co-solvents. This is actually done with the help of the saturation of the fullerenes. This is usually done with the help of the suspension that is prepared to incorporate the benzene solutions. Besides, there is also an option to go with the resulting mixture. Ths i something that can actually be in the fashion of a dropwise addition to the acetone. After the completion of this process, all one needs to do us to add water slowly. The resulting solution can come up in the form of the yellow suspension. This is actually a composition of the solvents that eventually get evaporated.


There is an option to go with the best solutions and ideas that can bring the quality to the solution powered by the fullerenes.