As a foremost provider of biometric handhelds plus jump kits, ipsidy has deep mobile biometric capture skill. Their mobile software controls thousands of mobile solutions—nationally and globally—in mission-critical atmospheres. Designed precisely for mobile use case applications, ipsidy mobile software is firm at work supportive identity verification as well as enrollment for leading law implementation, border control as well as defense agencies universal. For more info visit

Securing the Upcoming of Identity Management

Ipsidy Systems stands out as a lead in cutting-edge, identity managing solutions driven by biometric technology. They provide next-gen biometrics as a collaborating and scalable cloud-based solution. They syndicate cloud plus mobile technology toward offer multi-factor verification for the smartphone, tablet, as well as desktop users. The solutions offer multi-modal biometric verification, using voice, facial recognition, fingerprint, their own patented software algorithms, plus partnerships with foremost multi-factor credentials proofing providers.

This biometrics could be combined through authentication plus access controls — including TOKENS, digital credentials, passwords, plus PINS — to offer the eventual level of assurance and responsibility for enterprise nets, financial institutions, stores, and healthcare providers. Whether it is a website, mobile device, otherwise desktop app — we offer biometric verification solutions that are easy-to-use as well as offer the actual highest security assertion available.


How Biometrics Work

Biometrics confirm that a cardholder has been bound to his or her card, using somewhat that can only be controlled by the person toward whom the card was issued.  Biometric data is exclusive to each individual, plus cannot be forgotten, lost otherwise stolen.  Owing to this, biometric technology offers improved security as associated with conventional credentials methods.  It does not trust on passwords, pin codes otherwise photographic ID, and is too compound to forge.  Biometrics are usually used as part of a confirmation system (which checks a biometric that has been offered by a distinct against the biometric in a database connected to that person’s file – moreover known as a one-to-one system), otherwise an identification scheme (referred to as one-to-many schemes because they are used to identify an unidentified person otherwise biometric). Click for more info

Going Mobile

Numerous trends are driving the acceptance of physical plus logical access control on smartphones as well as other mobile devices.  The first is the presence of NFC technology on smartphones, which offers an industry-standard small-range wireless link for swapping access control data crossways a several-centimeter distance thus users can “present” identifications carried on their phones toward a reader.  As the NFC mobile payment model produces in popularity, it drives additional demand for NFC phones which could moreover be used in physical access control application.  Smartphones that do not feature NFC technology could be firmly upgraded to this ability by using an NFC-allowed add-on device, for example, a microSD card.

Additionally, there is nowadays a new type of identity symbol that functions within a reliable boundary also uses the NFC-enabled smartphone’s safe element — typically an entrenched tamper-proof integrated circuit, otherwise a plug-in module form named a subscriber identity module (SIM).  This setup guarantees that all transactions among NFC-enabled smartphones, SIM cards as well as other secure media devices could also be reliable inside the access-control managed system.