Slotted angle (also sometimes referred to as slotted angle iron) is a system of reusable metal strips used to construct shelving, frames, work benches, equipment stands, and other structures. The name derives, first, from the use of elongated slots punched into the metal at uniform intervals to enable assembly of structures fixed with nuts and bolts, and second, from the longitudinal folding of the metal strips to form a right angle.

In the industry today, this material is most common to use for “racks” or a type of organizer in almost everywhere you need it. With that, here are some things that you need to know about slotted angle racks and who knows, maybe you’d want to take one home!

slotted angle racks

Steel remains the most commonly used slotted angle material, although aluminum alternatives are also available. The product is generally manufactured from sheet metal using machine presses to form the angle and to punch holes through the metal. The strips are normally produced in a variety of standard lengths, and steel versions are often painted or galvanized to protect them from rust.

Slotted angles are best used in industrial racks like the durable slotted angle racks that can be found anywhere. These racks have innumerable applications in various fields. The major applications of these slotted angle racks making it unique from other products is that it is quite useful in grocery shops, to keep the raw material of the grocery. It is very efficient for on-road stall and shops, as they are very weighted they can easily be moved from one place to another.

Slotted Angle racks are designed to be used as economical shelving, racking, workbench or any other type of structure. Multi-tier shelving slotted angle shelving can be adapted to double or treble your storage space. Complete with catwalks and staircases and railings. Aside from being economical, it has interchangeability of parts, easy assembly, provides clear assess from all sides, varieties of decking shelves and most of it is well painted and finished in attractive colors and powder coated.

Slotted angles can be used for assembling Racks, Trolleys, Table Stools, Workbenches, Partitions, Mezzanine floors, Structure, Moving Ladders, Book Shelves, Conveyors, Rollers Pump House, Gypsy Huts, Frames for hoardings and many other items depending on your needs and ideas.

If you are looking at to organize your home or office, using shelf racks like slotted angle racks can be a perfect choice. You can appropriately store all your things in the most organized manner. Shelving maximizes the space you have. It makes the most of the existing space available. Your home or office will look even more neat and spacious. More and more homeowners and business organizations are increasingly opting for shelving solutions. You can redesign your office by way of archive shelving and mobile shelving. Rotary cabinets and tambour cabinets are also popularly used. Shelving maximizes your storage capacity. Shelving storage systems are not expensive or difficult to install.