Man signs purchase agreement for a house

The most important factor when making decision-related to real estate is the budget. And it is the reason why real estate firms are not just after commission or sales but specifically after perfect advisory service. You will have to share your payment means to a real estate company you’re working with until both parties come to a perfect agreement.

In fact, a genuine real estate company don’t just lease or sell properties, first, they have to be responsible the entire client’s need, completely keep them satisfied even after the deal.

The real estates that offer this type of services must definitely gain a good reputation for ideal services delivery. Not only will they be recognized for delivering quality services but also providing the excellent real estate deal consistently throughout the year. Here are lists of top real estate companies in Nigeria:

JideTaiwo and Co

JideTaiwo is an expert real estate company that was initiated back in 1980. JideTaiwo has managed in real estate industry regardless of the changes in real estate industries over the previous years.

They are always engaged in facilities, development and project management. They have break track record of managing a large and complex portfolio. And it is the reason they are enjoying patronage from both private and public sector.

Cadwell limited

With their focus on the luxury apartment, offices, home, Cadwell limited has been among the top real estate companies for almost two years. And it is recognized as among the top real estate companies in Nigeria.

Even though it is an indigenous company, they show a class touch than even global brand rivals. Their properties are majorly in a high-brow region of Lagos especially Victoria Island and Ikoyi.


PDC Real Estate Company has been in Nigerian property industry for about 30 years. They are mainly based on identifying the real estate chances, conducting design, project management, and feasibilities.

They are equipped with a world-class management group who are well recognized for improving tailor-made. Marketing product strategies, and innovative sales. They have properties in high-brow regions parts of Lagos such as Victoria Island and Ikoyi.

 Prime-water-view Limited

Prime-Water-View is also among the top real estate companies with luxurious properties and development sectors, especially in high-brow places of Lagos identified as Victoria Island, Lekki, and Ikoyi.

Cortts-Property-Development Company

Cortts is property development and Real Estate Company in Lekki Peninsula Lagos, Nigeria. Cortts is also among the top real estate firm that provides expertise in property marketing, development and consultant services to the various clients in both commercial and residential property market.