Here’s why you need to buy a DTH high definition set top box – and it’s not just about the superior TV experience.

After investing a lot of money on a new HDTV, how do you get the highdefinition picture everyone is raving about? Ideally, the best way to view true HD content is via HD satellite and HD cable service, HD streaming media, or local HD programming. Analog and digital cable TV may seem like a good cheap offer, but the picture quality is not the best. So if you want some good picture quality at a reasonable price, you need to invest in a DTH high definition or DTH HD box.

What is HD? High definition and standard definition images differ from each other in the number of pixels contained in the image on display. There are more pixels per square inch in HD images as compared to standard definition videos. What this simply means is that HD images can show much finer detail than SD images.

However, it is important to note that the difference between HD and SD may not be very noticeable when looking at content on smaller screens. But once you start using a bigger display area, it then becomes apparent that the SD picture tends to be blockier or more pixilated compared to HD. This is because of the need to maintain the same number of pixels no matter how big the screen. Smaller screens have smaller pixels and bigger screens have bigger pixels, which might start getting noticeable on your large screen. This is where the DTH HD box comes into play.

What does the DTH HD box do? The DTH HD box helps in two ways. First, the DTH HD box connects to your TV over a high-definition convertor instead of connecting to your TV over an analog convertor. Also, when it comes to SD content, it makes the images or pictures look much better than they actually are.Airtel DTH offers monthly HD high definition box packages starting at Rs. 292.

If you already have DTH but not HD, you can upgrade from SD to HD. If you are a sports fan, then you will immediately notice the difference between SD and HD channels. But, you will only notice the difference between SD channels and HD channels if your TV is big enough. If your TV screen is less than 32 inches in size, often the clarity in the picture quality is not visible. But DTH HD allows broadcasters to show a bigger picture – for example, a wider shot of the cricket or football action.

So if you decide that DTH HD is the way to go then chose theAirtel Digital TV. You can easily change from an SD box to an HD Box for Rs. 599 and this includes delivery and installation charges. This upgrade also offers customers free 30 HD channels for 60 Days,a one-month free subscription of Interactive services and a three months’ free recording facility.Airtel Digital TV also offers additional packages HD upgrade packages like the 44 HD channels for a year at Rs. 1,950. If you’re simply want only HD channels, then you can opt for the all HD channels for an entire year at Rs. 2,550.

While this information should be enough to get most started on the DTH HD path, make sure you do the necessary research before you make your final move. Get HD only when you’re 100% sure that HD is the way to go.