We can clearly know that now many firms in the world seek cloud services and there is a share of infrastructure and technology too. There is no limitation to the platform which iSeries cloud services provides it has a few challenges to combat hence it hasn’t become as mainstream and is not being used as a multi-tenant  as well as being able to provide for flexible computation and adhere to other models which have the pay as you concept which are adopted by cloud providers.

The challenges faced by iSeries

There is the licence cost that has to be dealt by the processor group and not on the compute capacity. So, the workload cost will vary on the license as well the iSeries model that has been used. The next hurdle would be the target iSeries hosting architecture, so the selection process becomes difficult to make. This has been now emulated by the third-party vendors and there is definite exploitation. As the power processors grow on to be more powerful the core usage will shrink with each upgrade. Here there more horsepower is provided to the power processor and this  reduces revenues for the vendors of this type. As they will not need more core processors and other smaller processors for similar workload offered at that time, all of it done single-handed by the power processors.

iSeries cloud services

The provide has the selection problem as mentioned earlier when they choose the target processor, if a smaller processor is chosen it would pose a lot issues for the combat the workload and if you pick a bigger processor the vendor has to bear the a huge hit in the terms of licensing and maintenance. And there would be no use of providing a very low-price rating for usage to the end user. Hence no provider has found a way for making this model very effective and scalable.Use iSeries cloud service.

 To increase the previously known licensing investment on the environment for multi-tenant is not yet fulfilled on this platform. The serial number that was used for operating system licenses is outdated and hence it does not comply  when a large number of users simultaneously are not able to transfer their operating system licenses to a particular serial number. Hence the provider will lose money on getting these OS licences or lose customers otherwise. There are many who have to work around this problem and found that farming many smaller iSeries servers in their DCs its which would usually accommodate single customer on single server at a time can now be solved.

There have been other big firms who have joined in to make these servers more agility and flexibility thus leading to more compute capacity. This firm has made sure that it will host modelcustomers as well as catering their seasonal and short-term requirements.

The iSeries has tried for providing the required simplicity, security as well as stability, what are the services provided

  • Security operations are carried out.
  • There is good monitoring and managing done
  • There is centre and batch processing
  • Performance is managed with a capacity planning in place.
  • Recovery and data back-up are ensured.
  • Ticketing trouble is sorted
  • Data replication is of advanced nature.

Check the new iSeries to adapt changing requirements and different needs.