The administrative training course is made to increase skills of the support personnel across different disciplines. Course examines and identifies key components role and within every element builds up various techniques and approaches for operating the efficient office and support team. The elements include communication, interpersonal, time management competencies and organizational. These techniques and skills are required in the blended and the integrated way when you meet your workplace challenges.

Some Key Advantages

  • Tools are provided for the efficient performance by Time Management methods of prioritizing and organizing.
  • Candidates learn to deal with the real life situations effectively with Conflict Management, Interpersonal Skills and Team Building.
  • Participants improve their goal setting and planning by developing the personal strategies.
  • Candidates will be motivated to have the beneficial influence to their teams just by displaying the assertive communication skill that improves their daily influencing and negotiation skills.
  • Candidates are aware about competencies of the admin personnel in the global environment.
  • Developing the positive lifestyle practices that will overcome stresses of professional and personal life.

Why to Attend This Course?

The administrative skills training coursegenerally aims in helping you to raise your competence levels and develop efficiency that can help you to push up your professional career higher. With this course you can understand importance of the team player and can give you the insights about what, as a team member, will do to improve your team work. You also will understand that fast changes across us necessitate the change in attitude as well as a requirement to develop needed skills in order to succeed in this administration world. You may develop written and verbal communication skills that can help you to confidently and proactively contribute to successful achievement of your organization’s goals. You also can design the action plans that can allow you to transfer this course learning to your work area. The course will create huge opportunities for your development and in accepting challenges whenever they come.

Course Methodology

The course is prepared using the combination of some interactive activities, individual and group exercises, discussions and role plays. Candidates can use tools for assessing their personal talents and improvement areas and can devise improvement programs accordingly. They may turn up with their strategies to conquer real life situations and are given chance to defend and challenge findings.

Course Goals

By an end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of modern administrator’s highly required abilities
  • Employ proactive role to handle job responsibilities within the team environment
  • Apply the professional business writing methods in writing emails
  • Develop communication and interpersonal skills to perform administrative functions with efficiency and confidence