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All you need to know about Banking

Banking refers to that part of a business activity of accepting and protecting money owned by certain individuals or families and then lending out the money to earn some profit. But ever since the introduction of the banking system, the procedures and activities of banks have broadened. The current banking system around the world, besides promising the safety of valuable items (With the help of lockers, ATM services, etc.), extends loan to the individuals. Banks also issue debit and credit cards and enables them to make online transactions and fund transfer to any place in the world. This said, banks play a major part in our day to day lives and strives hard to keep the growth of economy. Without banks, a major part of your savings would have piled up idly in your house. The very existence of banks is the only reason why every country’s economy has transformed.

The banking system and the transaction process often raises too many questions and people are having a hard time figuring out a way to transfer funds, cash a check, make payments, etc. That’s where we come in handy. We, at www.growingsavings.com have a huge database of all those doubts. The answers and solutions are provided in a friendly and user-understandable manner. For example,our recent article “What is a Bank Statement?” helps you understand everything you need to know about bank statements.  It gives information about the withdrawal and deposits of the account holder which is usually sent by the bank in the form of an e-mail. Though these statements issued by the bank are reliable to an extent, these are not cent percent accurate. So it is highly advised to maintain your own record of the deposits and withdrawal. This statement can also include the details of the ATM fees, opening and closing balances during a transaction period, etc. For more details, visit www.growingsavings.com