Pharma CRM is software created for pharmaceutical companies and aims at automation of the most significant business processes. The pharma CRM tools allow working productively and smoothly. Such system will be useful for medical representatives, regional managers, and product managers.

The solution gives a possibility to interact effectively between the departments, provide reporting and relevant analytical data to managers immediately. Here you can find more information on how to use CRM software for smarter decisions and quicker results.

Pharmaceutical companies usually benefit from using those pharmaceutical CRM for solving many tasks:

  • clients database management;
  • sales automation;
  • workplace management for the medical representatives, regional managers, and product managers;
  • unified data resource, maintenance, and accumulation of marketing and informational materials about medications.

With the help of one of the top 5 solutions below the pharmaceutical company will surely provide the best and the most reliable help for its customers and clients.


Bpm’online is a pharma CRM with a wide variety of modules and functionality which can be implemented easily with a minimum of system requirements. The solution will help to automate all the key business processes of the company, taking care of its development at each stage.

Main characteristics:

  • contact management;
  • interaction tracking;
  • reporting and analytics;
  • workflow automation;
  • activities planning;
  • field sales force and campaign management;
  • creation of the product database or portfolio.

Logic box

The Logicbox software is a cloud CRM for small and middle-sized businesses for easy implementation in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical business. The system provides its clients with a full range of services, from solution development and initial consultations to complete technical support.

Main characteristics:

  • unique processes and workflows automation;
  • single integrated system creation;
  • sales force and marketing automation modules;
  • leads and opportunities management,
  • account and contact management
  • customer’s support;
  • task, case and campaign management.


CallProof is a CRM system which can be used in multiple industries. Its features are most effective in the sales process and include a lot of possibilities from lead tracking to reporting. It can be successfully optimized for companies based on work of a team of sales representatives in the field, in the pharma industry in particular.

Main characteristics:

  • web-based system;
  • mobile and desktop apps;
  • an automated approach to sales;
  • clients interaction;
  • recording of each activity;
  • sales process tracking and optimizing.

SalesOutlook CRM

The main idea of the SalesOutlook CRM is based on the concept that success of a sale is achieved by building and supporting strong relationships with prospects and existing customers and keeping them profitable. So, SalesOutlook CRM is specialized software that is based on an often-used email system to build a CRM that will widen user efficiency and enlarge satisfaction of the customers greatly.

Main characteristics:

  • сombines functions of CRM system and Microsoft Outlook service;
  • easy-to-navigate and easy-to-customize for specifics of pharma industry;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • PDA contacts, appointments and tasks synchronization;
  • direct reports from SQL to Public folders;
  • opportunity and client inquiries.

Infor CRM

Infor CRM is a solution that has one of the most important functions for any business – customer data management and optimization.  Moreover, the company provides numerous industry solutions as well as healthcare and pharma specifications.

It gives various opportunities for sales management, marketing, and customer service processes.

Main characteristics:

  • cloud, desktop, and mobile CRM apps;
  • user-friendly solution;
  • sales automating;
  • marketing and workflow automation;
  • tracking of support, budget, profit.

Description: CRM software solutions for the pharma companies. Learn how CRM systems can help pharmaceutical business and sales representatives.