If a business requires the phone to be answered, and let’s face it, they all do, then virtual receptionists can be of great help, and the scope ranges from a single person set up, to a multi-national corporation, with even government agencies using the services. In the past, professional telephone answering services could only be obtained by directly hiring a receptionist, yet thanks to the Internet and forward thinking organisations, a qualified receptionist can answer any number of incoming calls on your behalf, and using a range of media, the calls can be instantly transferred to the relevant people.

How Does it Work?

A virtual receptionist is located in the service provider’s premises and is thoroughly briefed on the client’s business, and armed with all the relevant numbers and information, they would act just as a real receptionist would, except you do not have the high costs of directly hiring such a person. The service provider would typically assign a project manage to handle all your needs, and should you, for example, need to update the receptionist about anything, you only have to let the project manager know and it is as good as done. Typically, a virtual receptionist would have 3 or 4 clients to handle, and they would have all the necessary information to professionally deal with any incoming call, and with a flexible range of packages, the service can be tailored to the client’s needs.

Prestigious Business Address

We all know how important the right business address can be, and with a virtual office service provider, you can have a business address in the heart of London at a very affordable price, and all mail would be forwarded to your specified address, quickly and efficiently. Having such an address is normally reserved for companies that have already made it, and have the sufficient revenue to move into those areas, but you can now have this facility at a fraction of the cost of the real thing with a virtual office set up.

Essential Message Taking

If your business is based in the UK, Message Direct are the leading providers of virtual offices, and whether you are a one man show or a national company, they have the resources to help you with your communication needs. Armed with all the right information, they can handle emergency round the clock service numbers and relay the information to mobile service teams, and this really improves efficiency, as the right people are informed quickly. If a company runs a national support system, they might already have a system in place, and should the volume of calls reach a certain level, your message taking service can handle the overflow.

There are established providers who can offer a range of attractive services that will empower your business, and with reasonable prices and professional service, your business will really benefit from such an alliance. You might be surprised at just how efficient your company will be once you have sorted out professional call answering services, and with the many benefits, sustainable growth is definitely on the horizon.