If you are looking for a private workspace to shift some of your employees or particular team then https://bridgeworkslongbeach.com/coworking/ is the perfect place to shift. We have the regular professional setup which can be used up to six members or unique environment where they can join other professionals in open lounges and cafes for networking opportunities. Our office setup includes skylights, custom made desks and space for six people. Our pricing scheme includes everything and we don’t charge anything additional apart from the plan charges. Your plan includes round the clock access to the private office, utilities, parking space, printing and other things. You can have conference hall free for 6 hours per person. So if you have four persons working in the private office conference hall will be available for free of cost for 24 hours per month.

Our members can make use of free services such as fresh coffee, comfortable lounges, media and entertainment space. Also you can make use of the printer to print 200 black and white pages per month and 60 color pages. You will have the service of cleaning staff all around the clock to keep your space neat and clean. You will have access to hi speed internet connection all the time and you can use the space to host events also in the private office. Though our costing is per month basis, we have flexible options so that you can hire as long as you need and as little as you need. It is not compulsory to go for a year or long period contract. In case, you have a project that it needs to work near the client place so then there won’t be not much delay, so you can rent our private work place near your client office and can be occupied till the project is completed and can be vacated once it is completed. In this way you don’t need to invest heavily for a long period for smaller projects. It will reduce the expenses while there is no need to compromise on the requirements for an office.We has the office space for 2 people as well as the large office suite. You can choose according to your requirement.

You can visit our website and book the tour of the office locations before you finalize the office space. We always welcome the clients to tour our private offices. Once rented, you need to inform us 30 days in advance before vacating the private office. Apart from private office you will have the access to our open lounges, Conference halls and café. Apart from these facilities you are entitled to get free android app and access to our online member portal for networking. You can book the meeting and conference room through our android app and portal. All other amenities like water, coffee and tea will be provided free of cost to all the employees without any additional charges. Also you will be getting personal lockable desk where you can keep your items.