Colour Choice Has an Impact on Your Customers

A company’s brand is incredibly influential. It speaks to what the business does, stands for, and it even evokes powerful feelings in their current and potential customers.  For this reason, it is essential that companies consider all aspects of their brand and how they present themselves to their customers. One of the ways that they can affect emotions of their customers and get them to feel a specific way about their company is by paying attention to the colours they use in marketing materials, pamphlets they hand out, and even their physical building.

Colour Invokes Feeling

The colour that you choose to use in your brand and building can have a significant effect on how your customers and employees feel. It’s easy to evoke emotion in people by using different colour inks on your printed materials. Green usually sparks creativity and makes people think of natural items, so if you are a company that prides itself on not having chemicals and hiring “out-of-the-box” thinkers, then you may want to use green. Blue is the most popular colour and will satisfy the majority of people who pick up your information or interact with your brand.

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Change the Temperature Perception in Your Office

Various colours on the walls can affect and change how people perceive the temperature in the room. Colours such as yellow, red, and orange will make visitors and employees think that the building feels warm, while colours such as blue and green will make people feel cold, even if the room is at a comfortable temperature. While you may enjoy the idea of everyone thinking your office is hot, red is a tricky colour to use because the burst of energy it makes people feel will quickly wear off. This shade also makes it difficult for employees to concentrate.

The Choice Isn’t Permanent

The best part about trying to decide what colour to use to represent your business is that you can change your mind many times. While it’s an excellent idea to think about the emotions you want to convey and the feelings you wish to inspire about your company and your brand, changing the colour of ink in your materials is easy to redo. Make sure you work with a reliable company such as Centre Colours, who can help you ensure that you are using the highest quality ink possible and one that it is perfect for your specific application.

Spending time studying the psychology of colours and their effect on your brand is an excellent idea. While you may not think that colours can have such a tremendous impact on your customers and employees, every part of your trademark can affect someone’s perception of you and may change whether they want to do business with you.