WAN is popularly known as Wireless Area Network, but it can also mean Wide Area Network. In this post, we’re going to talk about the latter. WAN solutions are communication networks that extend over a large distance. For comparison’s sake, the typical wireless network that we have in our homes will have its wireless distance max out after a few meters.

On the other hand, business WAN solutions can connect multiple sites, as well as their respective local area networks (LAN). This type of networking infrastructure can be made up of wireless and wired technologies. Some elements included in the architecture may or may not include fttc, Ethernet, mobile connectivity, and ADSL. Why is this networking scheme important for your business? Read on to find vital reasons on why you should start using a WAN for your company.

Secure Connection Throughout Multiple Locations

When you adopt a WAN for your business, you can share access to multiple employees at different levels of hierarchy and in diverse locations. While this might sound like a nightmare for most companies because sharing multiple files over a wide network can put sensitive information at risk, WAN architectures are more secure than your average networking infrastructure. Businesses can share encrypted business data, services, critical applications, and other central resources in a secure and efficient manner. You don’t even need to access the Internet to share important files across the network.

Full Support 24/7/365

Unless there’s a serious incident that occurred in the area, the WAN infrastructure will have next to no downtime. Therefore, you can get support from it 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Business-class support, like the ones offered by a reliable WAN provider New Zealand, can help you detect issues in the network before they become too large to handle. Hence, the entirety of the business will have peace of mind knowing that should any downtime occur, it won’t be as catastrophic as what you might initially anticipate.

Centralize the Entire IT Infrastructure

It becomes significantly important to adopt a secure WAN infrastructure because of the increased drive to centralize the entire IT networking scheme. With a reliable WAN solution, the business can adopt a centralized model, thereby streamlining and simplifying the management of technologies. In doing so, it’ll ensure the company to no longer invest in additional services such as additional email and file servers, and support, storage, and backup solutions.

More Bandwidth Allocation

A wired connection will always be better than a wireless working infrastructure. Albeit wireless technologies are more convenient than having cables and cords running all over the place, wired connectivity options are still more secure than their wireless counterparts. With that being said, many businesses will have their core network architecture to be made up of ethernet leased lines. With the help of WAN solutions, you can reduce issues in latency, thereby helping the entire company’s workforce to increase efficiency and have their productivities boosted.

Having a secure and effective WAN infrastructure will no doubt give your business a ton of benefits. It’ll also unlock a number of other advantages that you might not otherwise experience from a traditional business networking structure.