If you’re a homemaker who is taking a break from your regular job because you recently had a baby or because your family member fell sick and you have to take care of them, this article is for you. Being independent and earning your own income is something very empowering to all women. It is not as difficult as you think, and if you give it a try you can make your small business really profitable.

Now don’t worry thinking about what are the profitable businesses you can start with while you are still taking care of your family. You can always make a career out of what you do the best. Here are 7 ideas for small businesses among which you can choose whatever is the best suitable for you.



If you are good at cooking or baking, you can always start with a small outlet at your home itself to sell meals, burgers, cookies, cakes and everything yummy you make. People will like it because they are home made. If you live away from the city, you can sell your food items to a bakery or a restaurant if they are willing to help you.Also, you can teach others cooking and baking and start a small cookery class at your home.


If you have done well academically in school and college, you should consider being a tutor. There are various websites which helps tutors around a particular place to connect with students in need. Sign up for one of those websites or start a tutoring class at home and spread the word! You can teach your favorite subject.


If you love to write about things, and it can be anything informative and creative, you can start your own blog. It could be a fashion blog, something that’s related to literature, a cookery blog or a travel blog.


You can always grow highly profitable vegetables like mushrooms or flowers like orchids and roses at home and sell them fresh or can make bouquets and sell them.

Beauty parlor and spa

Beauty parlor and spa

You need to pass a course in most of the states to become a certified beautician. It’s only a matter of few months and the course isn’t that expensive as well. Once you are done with it, you can start your own spa at your home.

Fashion boutique

Good at stitching and keeping yourself updated about the latest trends can pay you off really well if you start a fashion boutique. You can turn a side of your home into the boutique or find a place near to your home. Not just clothes, you can design shoes, bags and accessories along with them.

Nail art studio

Nail art is something that has really kicked in today. All you need is to have good tools and you are set. You really need not go any courses if you are good at drawing and can keep a steady brush. However, you need to have creative designs for the customers to choose from.