Businesses are required to follow a strict process before hiring any employee for working in their organisations. The HR Manager of the company is responsible for letting go of employees and hiring new ones. It’s important for the HR manager to make sure that he or she carries out proper background checks and due diligence before hiring any new employee for the job. There have been numerous incidents in the past in which employees have fabricated their qualifications and have even lied outright to the HR managers. For instance, one of the first and most important things that you need to do before hiring an employee is to check with the Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) to ensure that the employee is eligible to work in the industry or not and if he or she has a prior record or not.

Most companies do not hire ex-cons or felons so it’s important that a thorough background check be conducted before an employee is hired by the organisation. However, carrying out an extensive background check is not as simple as it seems. Rather than use the company’s resources in order to conduct the checks, most organisations hire specialist companies for carrying out extensive investigations. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to carry out background checks on your employees.

You Might Be Held Liable

Failure to perform due diligence might mean that you are held responsible by the regulatory authorities in case you hire an employee with false information. For example, if you hire an employee who doesn’t have a licence to practice within the field and fail to declare it right away, the regulatory bodies will hold you responsible and you might receive a hefty fine. DBS tracking services are offered by a number of investigative agencies so you can hire them to conduct a check before making a decision about whether to hire a particular candidate or not.

It Could Affect Your Business

Hiring a new employee is a difficult task for many employers, primarily because it seriously affects their businesses. While there’s a vacancy in the organisation, the workload will be divided between the existing employees, which means that you will end up paying overtime as well. However, if you end up making the wrong hire, it’s just going to cost you more money in order to replace the employee who you wrongly hired. Once you have shortlisted different candidates for the job, you can then pass on the information to the background checking company and let them confirm whether all of the details given by the future employees are true or not. These are some basic reasons why it’s so important to carry out background checks on all shortlisted candidates.