Custom printed packaging tape has never been so easy to get made done. There are a few things to be aware of and keep in mind when ordering your first box. First of all, at a company, you would have to carefully think about the design of your tape and how you want it to look on your box.

If done well and its in line with your branding, it will help with your overall marketing strategy. When people keep seeing your logo and know what industry you are competing in and what product you are selling, they will have your company name at top of mind, which will help with brand recognition.

Looking more professional in the eyes of customers does not hurt either. With custom printing tape, you can do just that. Think about it; when a customer receives your package, they will see the box first and not the contents. Even though they have a good idea of what is in there, first impressions matter. If their experience is novel enough, they may even share the story with family and friends.

Once the design stage is decided, a high quality resolution of the logo has to be done in order for the visuals on the tape to be as visually appealing and clear as possible. When that is sent to the art department, they might give some recommendations on borders and colors. This is to ensure client satisfaction and to provide the best product. Once everything is approved and signed off on, it is then when the plate will be made. A plate is simply an embossed surface with your logo. When a job requires more than one color, then other plates will have to be made for every additional color the job requires. The maximum number of colors that can be printed on a single roll of tape is three.

Keep in mind that it is the client that has to pay for this expense. The plates will then be kept in a docket to be reused once the client wants to place another order. The only other times plates have to be made if it the customer wants to change the design or if there has been too much wear and tear on the plate.

Other things to keep in mind when purchasing tape is the method of application as well as the direction on unwind desired. All these will have an impact on the way the logo is going to be printed onto the tape.