Business is all about a healthy marketer-customer relationship where both are satisfied. While customers do the buying and consuming, marketers are put through the pressure of convincing customers to have enhanced sales. Marketers have to take up an active role in establishing and maintaining that healthy relationship.  If a customer isn’t greatly flattered or happy with the services, it’s a loss for the marketer.


So, marketers have succumbed to psychological tactics that aim at sub-consciously convincing consumers. This is why most of the big companies, businesses, and brands have started hiring psychologists. Some of the tactics used by marketers to enhance their business are discussed below.

Reach the core of human mind- the emotional aspect

People tend to identify more with things that they are emotionally attached with. You would eat a roadside snack no matter how unhygienic it is if you have your childhood memories of it. Advertisements that claim to improve life and relationships of peopledo better rather than those talking about the product’s features.

Using physiological responses

Nowadays, every business that wants to climb the ladder of success hires a psychologist. The reason is that there are a number of stimuli that naturally drive people to buy certain things. A great example is from color psychology. The colors red and yellow increase hunger in people. This is why you see popular food outlets and restaurants paint their logo using red and yellow.

Subliminal marketing

Subliminal marketing aims directly at influencing the consumer’s sub conscious mind. Marketers make their ads and logos carefully choosing cues that wouldn’t be apparent, but hold preference in a consumer’s mind. If you’re watching a movie in theatres and food related ads keep flashing in between, you are more likely to eat a lot of snacks and popcorn while watching the movie.

Showing scarcity

When it is announced in a sale that there are a limited number of the product left, you would rather order the product instead of gauging whether you should or not. That is out of the fear of losing the chance to buy a product at lesser price. The haste takes your mind off from evaluating the product and instead devotes it to the fact that the product is available for a lesser price.

Creating brand ambassadors

Creating brand ambassadors

Marketers pay celebrities and big names for advertising their products. This has seen a success since you would definitely want to use what your favorite celebrity uses. Celebrities increase people’s credibility about the quality of the product.

Business is all about increasing sales. Because business is aimed at convincing human beings and cajoling them into buying products, psychology is the most helpful resource. Psychology is the study of human mind and behavior. Psychology and business make a strong connection and bring great profit to businessmen and marketers.